Mermaid transformation stories tf

♥ Category : Culture

There is something really special in mermaid transformation stories or as it also called mermaid tf. It is differ from any usual animal transformation because it doesn’t involve full transformation. Meaning, the person is turned to half fish and not the whole fish. Unlike werewolves for example, who supposed to be people that transform completely to wolves. This might indicate that we think mermaids are more human because they are not fish. This idea brings a closer connection with nature, it suggest that we don’t have to leave our body and our life behind us, as we are getting closer to our other nature.

This is also the reason why people would like to transform into mermaid, it seems easy, fun and you don’t have to lose yourself during this process. It enables you to be someone else without giving up your old life. In many stories, growing a tail happens over night or within a spell casting. It involves magic and mysticism. However, being a half animal is not always fun, in many tales it usually happens because of bad things, or as an idea to closer two different worlds. And it always ends in tragedy. Like the fairytale about a beautiful woman who felt in love with a man that was actually a fish, and they couldn’t live together all the time, and moreover her parents didn’t approve this weird marriage. So one night, the girl’s father went to the lake and killed this fish. And she was very angry and wanted to save him so she jump to the river and transform to a mermaid.

In mermaid transformation stories there is a constituency, when someone transform to an animal, it seems that he or she lures or convincing to showing others how cool it will be to join them. It is an endless loop that connects the humans with nature. And in a modern aspect it is a growing community of mermaid fans.